Hanging Screens - 48 Wooden panels. 10 logo, 38 solid.

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▼DECORATIVE WOODEN SCREENS - Set of 48 pieces. 10 logo panels, 38 solid panels.
Wooden screens connecting together make a room divider. This room partition is a magician for your space, no matter in office decoration or house design, it is such a wonderful wall art that almost everybody will fall in love at the first sight.
You can combine two or more designs of screens to receive individual creative style.

▼DIMENSIONS (one screen): 
*Please make measurements of the space which you want to cover with screens.
The size of one piece 
11,4 x 11,4 " (29x29 cm) 

The thickness of the material is 4 mm.

The gap between each panel is about 1 cm. 
The distance required to secure the panels to the ceiling is about 4 cm 


Easy installation. Screens fasten to a ceiling and among themselves by means of special hooks (Includes mounting hardware)
Panels are attached to each other only vertically (using c-shaped hooks). The distance between the panels along the vertical is about 1 cm.
In the horizontal direction, the panels are not fixed to each other, that is, you can arrange them at a greater distance from each other.

Standart shipping - 12-20 days

▼CUSTOM ORDER/ Individual order 
We can make the individual order with your pattern, a logo or a text. 
Available colors: white, black , gray